10 top theatrical moments of 2020

In lieu of trying to make sense of this shitshow of a year through the normal year-end lists, I thought I’d just stick with an unranked list of 10 of my top theatrically based productions of the year

For reference, here’s my 2019 list, 2018 list, 2017 list2016 list2015 list and 2014 list.

Uncle Vanya, Harold Pinter Theatre

A rather exhilaratingly good take on the familiar Chekhov classic, a worthy presence in the West End.

The Wicker Husband, Watermill Theatre

One of the last things I saw before lockdown and what a gorgeous lingering memory to have, I pray that this is not the last we hear of this beautiful new musical.

The Welkin, National Theatre

Some of the most visually striking theatre that the National has staged in a long time, in a crafty anf challenging new play from Lucy Kirkwood.

Death of England, National Theatre

A truly striking performance from Rafe Spall of Clint Dyer and Roy Williams’ punchy monologue, which thoroughly took over the Dorfman.

Pieces of String, Mercury Theatre online

For once, a reprise of a show that I missed first time around and actually wanted to see, for its queer romances, uniforms and gorgeous tunes. 

The Off Key, White Bear Theatre

A rare visit to the actual theatre but one that was actually really good, with a two-hander of a gig musical that swept me along with its emotion.


I still giggle at how long it took me to get the title…a fresh and fearless piece of musical theatre delightfully unconcerned with convention.

What A Carve Up!

One of the better genuinely online dramas produced this year, benefitting from a star cast and an astute adaptation of its tricksy source material.

Sunset Boulevard in concert, Curve Leicester at home

A real celebration of the potential of digital theatre, a proper investigation of the new frontiers offered by the form and one which worked spectacularly.

15 Heroines

And if I had to pick a thing that most impressed me all year long, it would probably be this wholesale reinterpretation of the women of Greek mythology which scorched in its power and modernity.

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