News: writers and cast for Living Newspaper #5

Written by Zia Ahmed, Leo Butler, Guillermo Calderón, Nick Cassenbaum, E.V. Crowe, Maud Dromgoole, Nessah Muthy, Iman Qureshi, Marcelo Dos Santos, Nina Segal, Dalia Taha, Joel Tan and Maya Zbib.

Who has created our country’s past and who is shaping its future? Who gets to have their cake and eat it?

Edition 5 sets out to dismantle histories – be that personal or political – whilst finding allies in bookshop glances, questioning who is desperate for hygge comfort and looking to our comrades and weather reporters for the true future.

As we look back and forward, Edition 5 is a provocation to find joy in the cracks and the spaces left behind.

Edition 5 cast includes: Nadia Albina, Philip Arditti, Nathalie Armin, Olatunji Ayofe, Daniel Cerqueira, Alex Chang, Le Gateau Chocolat, Laura Hanna, Simran Hunjun, Alana Jackson, Asifa Lahore, Kayla Meikle, Letty Thomas and Stuart Thompson.

Facilitators for Edition 5 include: Milli Bhatia, Debbie Hannan, Ellie Horne, Lucy Morrison, Izzy Rabey, Anthony Simpson-Pike and Vishni Velada-Billson.

Over five days, new filmed content will be shared daily including performances from local and global perspectives, longer form pieces, a dating column, a cartoon of the week, a weather room, an agony aunt, horoscopes, and more.

The edition will be available to watch for two weeks until Sunday 25 April allowing you to access the work much like you might an online paper – catching up on the news and supplements when it best suits you.

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