Review: Royal Court’s Living Newspaper #5

Edition #5 of the Royal Court’s Living Newspaper takes a more reflective approach to great effect

“Most people do it. Not me, I have a conscience”

The Royal Court’s Living Newspaper continues with edition #5 which feels a little less reactive to the headlines and a little more reflective on the state of the world as we find it today. It looks back, probing into how our history has shaped us but it also identifies the precipice of the current moment and how, more than ever, so very much is at stake. 

The quiet fury of Dalia Taha’s A Warning takes aim at Israeli border policies through the medium of books, Kayla Meikle’s devastatingly contained performance a real stand out. And Zia Ahmed’s elegiac scene/unscene finds a brutal poetry in its takedown of the systemic racism in the theatrical establishment, skewering good liberal intentions perfectly.

Also impressive are Nathalie Armin’s deadpan delivery of Leo Butler’s wonderfully dry obituaries and Daniel Cerqueira winding through Guillermo Calderón’s love letter of sorts to London in Red. Plus Nessah Muthy’s Cartoon of the Week gardening tales for girl bosses is good but dark fun as acted wordlessly by Simran Hunjun and Alana Jackson.

Photos: Helen Murray
Living Newspaper #5 is streaming via the Royal Court until 25th April

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