News: Royal Court reveal Priyanga Burford, Jake Davies and Siena Kelly in That Is Not Who I Am 

Priyanga Burford, Jake Davies and Siena Kelly have been cast in That Is Not Who I Am by Dave Davidson, directed by Royal Court Theatre Associate Director Lucy Morrison. The production will run from Friday 10 June 2022 to Saturday 16 July 2022 with press night on Thursday 16 June 2022, 7pm. 

Commenting on the play, the cast said; 

“This play has made me see the world in an entirely new way. Lots of it is fascinating, some of it is terrifying, but all of it is urgent.” Jake Davies 

“Reading this play has changed my life and I mean that quite literally.” Siena Kelly 

“It is a breath of fresh air to read a play that is so playful with both form and spelling.” Priyanga Burford 

When Ollie has his identity stolen on the internet, it’s bad enough. But soon it’s not just his online life collapsing – his real life is being stolen too. Who is the person really doing and saying these awful things? And who can Ollie trust to see the real him when the world sees him as a monster? Did the real him ever exist in the first place?   

A slippery new thriller in which nothing is as it seems and nobody is who they are.   

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