TV Review: The Split Series 3

The third and final series of The Split is hugely enjoyable, a wonderful showcase for Nicola Walker, Deborah Findlay and more 

“What is the secret to the good divorce?”

The glossy soap stylings of The Split are the kind of things that often get referred to as guilty pleasures but I would argue that there’s nothing guilty about enjoying Abi Morgan’s legal drama which has now finished its third and final series. And throwing in death, deception and yes, divorce, it ups the ante most successfully, delivering a satisfying set of conclusions for the Defoe family.

With Hannah hoping that divorce to Nathan might not actually be the end, Nina balancing new motherhood with an affair, and Rose about to adopt with James, the first episode throws its balls up in the air. And by the end, we’ve met Nathan’s new – pregnant – girlfriend, seen Nina tumble too deep and also watched someone die, setting the path for the three sisters to unwind with tears and recrimination aplenty, plus a whole lotta family love too.

As she has before, Morgan nails the tone just right, of relatable humanity but also aspirational exclusivity. It is so lush to see the likes of Nicola Walker and Deborah Findlay so glammed up in their couture workwear, and you’ll drool at the location work (Christie’s London apartment is to die for). It’s glistening and sophisticated and thus tremendously easy to watch, especially with a cast as good as this.

I don’t want to give too much away, so I won’t say too much more but I did think Lara Pulver was a great addition to the main cast as Kate, Nathan’s new partner. And Karen Bryson as Hannah’s series-long client was also excellent, her being Zander’s sister tying things together nicely to allow us to dive more deeply into these characters for one last time. I’d love more of The Split for sure but you can’t help but feel it is the right choice to end here, this way.

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