Re-review: The Lorax, Old Vic

Two winters ago if you went to the Old Vic,
Your life would have been filled with something fantastic.
A musical treat fit for all of the fam’ly,
The Lorax is as good as such a show could be.

Returning for half-term with some new cast members,
The musical’s just as good as I remember.
It’s heartfelt and funny and really quite moving,
A powerful message but not too reproving.

From Dr Seuss’ story comes David Greig’s new book,
Which warns of the danger of smashing nature’s look.
It’s hard to believe its near fifty years old,
A tale too important though not to be told.

The music by Charlie Fink is monumental,
With pop songs and rock songs and ballads so gentle.
There’s fun in the way the score makes your heart fly,
But you can’t help but leave with a tear in your eye.

The Lorax is played by Dave Ricardo Pe-arce,
With Laura and Ben helping as puppeteers.
They team up together to such great effect,
That its easy to forget their skill so perfect.

Returning as Once-ler Simon Paisley Day,
With his green hair and green suit and misguided way.
He’s hugely engaging though he plays a villain,
A problem you can’t treat with amoxicillin.

Rob Howell’s design makes good use of magic trees,
Especially the way they can bend in the breeze.
The lighting by Jon Clark and Tom Gibbons’ sound
Create such a magical world all around

There’s plenty of talent in this gifted comp’ny
With Wendy Mae Brown, Jack Beale and Joe Alessi
With so many #StageFaves its talent-a-go-go
But Ellena Vincent’s one to look out for though

I can’t recommend seeing anything more
The Lorax is wonderful that is for sure
So book yourself tickets and now it is time
To stop thinking I can write reviews in rhyme

This review was originally written for LondonTheatre1
Read my review (also in verse) of the 2015 production here


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