News: the Terrifying Women return to the Golden Goose for Halloween

Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the theatre…

After the sell-out success of 2021’s Terrifying Women (which was an unexpected delight for this horror sceptic), Morgan Lloyd Malcolm, Sampira & Abi Zakarian return to the Golden Goose Theatre for Terrifying Women II: The Return, featuring six new tales of horror and suspense to spook and surprise you.

TW II: The Return features three new tales from the Terrifying Team, plus stories from three new writers, Rebecca Batala, Kandy Rohmann and Peyvand Sadeghian. The evening will take you from the deep shores of the Caribbean to the grey walls of a corporate office, from internet lore to childhood tales, from serial killers to inner demons, for a night you won’t forget.

Sharing a love of all things horror, friends Morgan, Sampira and Abi founded Terrifying Women in 2021 after noticing there was virtually no horror staged in theatre. Horror is often wrongly regarded as a less complex genre, looked down on as low-brow and ignored by theatres as worthy of commissioning or programming, so the three of them resolved to create a night that showcased their horror-based work and demonstrated how this most maligned of genres is deserving of more
attention on stage.

Intended as a basis for the formation of their theatre company of the same name, Terrifying Women hopes to spook, scare, shock and stimulate theatre audiences into giving horror space on stage.

RUBBLE by Rebecca Batala
Spray, wipe, repeat.
Spray, wipe, repeat.

A cleaner struggles to get a room ready for a meeting. If only people would stop dying and leaving such a mess…

An older woman tells a story from her childhood, when she was dared to go up to the creepy old
house in the wood and the terrifying experience she had there.

But now, years later, she is that old woman – and she needs to decide what to do about the kids
knocking at her door.

CARIB’S LEAP by Kandy Rohmann
Welcome to Grenada! Tour guide Nella can’t wait to show you around. Here, in Carib’s Leap, the
indigenous tribes of the island leapt to their deaths rather than surrender to the French.

Nella is here to educate and entertain you on the island’s rich, dark history…but she’s need
something from you in return.

RESTLESS by Peyvand Sadeghian
Ari is a bad sleeper and always has been. They’ve tried everything to fix it, from meditation, to
medication, but restless legs and a general unease keeps Ari up all night.

When Ari’s body finally stops trying to run, it is not a good night’s sleep they’re rewarded with.
Instead they’re confronted with a family history they knew nothing about (and wished it had stayed
that way)…

BACK TO BACK by Sampira
In 2019, an urban legend was born that alluded to a vacant, inescapable place, accessible only by an accidental knocking out of our reality. It had been reported an internet user had just made up it. Harmless.

Through this witness testimony, 150 years later, we acknowledge how wrong we were.

Terrifying Women are delighted to host this lecture by eminent US criminal psychologist Professor Laurie Regan, who will share her decades of experience profiling some of the world’s most prolific serial killers to lead a challenging talk centred on society’s fascination with, and feting of, some of the worst mass killers in history. Why are we so obsessed with these individuals? Book early to avoid disappointment.

The list of performers has yet to be confirmed but the directors have and they’re a pretty exciting bunch – Nicky Allpress, Melissa Dunne, Hannah Hauer-King, Martina Laird, TD Moyo and Sampira. You can support the team too by attending their horror-themed pub quiz on Sunday 16th October.

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