Review: DJ Bazzer’s Year 6 Disco, Golden Goose Theatre

Gently immersive and quietly heartbreaking, DJ Bazzer’s Year 6 Disco makes for a fantastic time at the Golden Goose Theatre

“I think about how this is going to be a very long night”

Party hats on entry aside, DJ Bazzer’s Year 6 Disco kicks off with an inspired rug pull of a move that encapsulates the play perfectly. Can reality ever live up to how good things seem in our head? And what can we do when that realisation finally kicks home? Georgie Bailey’s one-man multimedia journey for ChewBoy Productions explores just that with searing insight and a truly empathetic ear.

In his mind’s eye, Baz is a cutting edge DJ who would make David Guetta quake in his loafers. In reality, he’s 35 and the resident disc jockey for Brigdale Primary but he’s no less committed for that, and the upcoming Year 6 Leavers Disco is his moment to shine. But when that moment is threatened by a blast from the past, Baz is forced to reckon with his history and deal with just how much it has shaped him. Continue reading “Review: DJ Bazzer’s Year 6 Disco, Golden Goose Theatre”

Review: Louisa & Jo (& Me), Golden Goose Theatre

At Camberwell’s Golden Goose Theatre, Louisa & Jo (& Me) continues a rich vein of form for Out of the Forest Theatre 

“It’s been incredibly hard to write things this past year”

I didn’t think I ever needed to hear ‘Teenage Dirtbag’ ever again but serenaded by an acoustic folksy duet version as I walked into the Golden Goose Theatre for Louisa & Jo (& Me), I did begin to question my life choices. But then I shouldn’t have been surprised, as Out of the Forest Theatre have truly beguiled me with cracking shows like Call Me Fury and Bury the Hatchet over the last few years.

This is a first outing for Sasha Wilson’s Louisa & Jo (& Me) but even as a work-in-progress directed here by Hannah Hauer-King, it bears many of the hallmarks of an archetypal …Forest show – think an almost enchanting level of multi-layered storytelling sprinkled with folk music interludes – and looks set to maintain their impressive hit rate. Continue reading “Review: Louisa & Jo (& Me), Golden Goose Theatre”

Review: The Off Key, Golden Goose Theatre

Revamped and now featuring an interval, sparkling new musical The Off Key returns for a week at the Golden Goose Theatre

“If you love someone, do you need to know every-fucking-thing they think?” 

I really rather enjoyed new musical The Off Key when I saw its work-in-progress last year at the White Bear in one of the brief windows when theatre was allowed. So I was delighted to see it pop its head up again at another theatre that’s about 7 minutes walk from my flat, Camberwell’s Golden Goose Theatre. 

A scorchingly intimate and dryly funny two-hander, the show is a gig musical which follows budding singer/songwriters Sam and Liv and the imploding supernova that is the ill-fated relationship between them. As love curdles into something sour and personal demons come to the fore, their music can’t help but reflect it. Continue reading “Review: The Off Key, Golden Goose Theatre”

Review: The Frida Kahlo of Penge West, Golden Goose Theatre

The Frida Kahlo of Penge West proves a comic surprise at the Golden Goose Theatre

“My nemesis, my saviour”

What is it about words that end in -nge that make so many of them so satisfying to say. The highlight of The Great British Sewing Bee was undoubtedly the number of times people said flange and so I was delighted with the focus on saying Penge that started off this play.

Chris Larner’s The Frida Kahlo of Penge West has previously pootled around the fringe of both Edinburgh and London and now re-emerges at one of the newest (and friendliest) theatres in the English capital, Camberwell’s Golden Goose Theatre. And it proves a rather rowdily, raucous bit of good fun. Continue reading “Review: The Frida Kahlo of Penge West, Golden Goose Theatre”

Review: Eating Myself

Pepa Duarte’s one-woman show Eating Myself makes you crave the smells of live theatre as much as anything

“My body doesn’t work like that”

As another series of The Great British Bake-Off winds to a close and we tumble hard once again for the lusciousness of Nigella’s culinary world, Pepa Duarte’s solo show Eating Myself asks us to think of a more pernicious way in which society can dictate our relationship with food.

Drawing on her Peruvian upbringing, Duarte comes up with her own recipe of movement and dialogue to find a mode of storytelling that works through ideas of body image, cultural heritage and societal pressure to be the kind of woman, Peruvian woman, that is ‘acceptable’. Continue reading “Review: Eating Myself”

Review: Now. Here. This., Golden Goose Theatre

The newly opened Golden Goose Theatre brings some interesting musical theatre to Camberwell with Now. Here. This.

“Why are there lipmarks all over the TV set?”

Truth be told, my first thought on hearing that a new theatre was opening in London was ‘do we really need another one?’. Then I clocked the address in Camberwell and realised that I could add it to the list of theatres that I can walk to in under 10 minutes (the White Bear, the Blue Elephant, the Ovalhouse as was…) which kinda goes to my first point there…

And you do have to admire the gumption that goes with opening a new venue in the middle of a pandemic (I recommend this article on that topic) and so I happily made my way to the Golden Goose Theatre to catch their second ever show Now. Here. This.. All credit to the staff for ensuring a safe and friendly environment and even with its capacity reduced, the new auditorium feels ripe with potential, particularly with a pleasingly large, high stage which immediately sets it apart from many a fringe venue. Continue reading “Review: Now. Here. This., Golden Goose Theatre”