Review: Together Again

Featuring the marvellous Sophie Isaacs, Jodie Steele and T’Shan Williams, Together Again might Thespie’s best Reunited gig yet

“Good times we’ll share again”

For whatever reason, the musical adaptation of Heathers held no attraction for me so I never actually got around to going to see it. The quality and appeal of its cast was never in doubt though, so I was interested to what the title trio of Sophie Isaacs, Jodie Steele and T’Shan Williams would get up to in Together Again, their concert for Thespie’s Reunited series.

There’s an easy informality about this trio, who clearly get on like a house on fire, that elevates this concert to the best kind of cabaret. Full of chat, in-jokes and genuine admiration inbetween songs, the three of them conjure up the type of atmosphere that fully engages you and keeps you hanging off every note they sing.

Eclectic is certainly the word for their songbook, with a Christina Aguilera track here, a Frank Wildhorn deep cut there (Steele shimmeringly good on The Scarlet Pimpernel’s ‘When I Look At You’). And it’s great to have reminders of great songs that you might have forgotten are that good, see Janet Jackson’s ‘Together Again’ (Williams totally nailing it).

By the same token, you can’t say the same for any song from The Greatest Showman but the winning harmonies on ‘Never Enough’ make it stand out from the crowd, The same feat marks out the opening number of Dreamgirls’ ‘One Night Only’, these are leading ladies to rival the Leading Ladies. Shoutout too to the characterful surroundings of Fiction Studios, an ideal setting for a rather fantastic gig.

Photos: Danny Kaan

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