News: Flabbergast Theatre bring their Midsummer Night’s Dream to Wilton’s Music Hall

Award-winning Flabbergast Theatre is delighted to be bringing its ethereal interpretation of a Shakespeare classic – with a rambunctious take on much-loved comedy, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, which will run at Wilton’s Music Hall from Tuesday 9th April –  Saturday 20th April 2024.

In this classic tale of fantasy, mischief, dream and reality, Flabbergast’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream brings the magic of midsummer alive as goblins and sprites run amok as the King and Queen of the Faeries settle a spat, wreaking havoc among the humans caught up in their machinations.

Building on the success of their nationally and internationally critically acclaimed adaptation of Macbeth in 2022/3, Flabbergast once again deploy their visceral, naughty, fantastical and boundary-breaking style to create a highly visual piece that combines with a mellifluous acoustic environment, to create an utterly captivating performance. 

With their unique aesthetic that bridges the disciplines of puppetry, clown, circus, dance, choral music and classical text, Flabbergast’s production transports the dreams and nightmares of the fairy world off the page and into a captivating theatrical spectacle, beautiful and ridiculous by turns.

Enlisting the talents of renowned folk musician Nick Hart to help weave traditional English songs into the production, Flabbergast’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream is a richly textured, musical ensemble show. Exploring jealousy, reason and transformation, this expressive, extraordinary production imagines new worlds forged from the timeless story of love’s difficulty, all the while delighting audiences with a circus of irreverent clowns.

Combining a respectful approach to the text and a creative focus on storytelling, Flabbergast’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream makes Shakespeare’s most hallucinogenic play accessible to all, young or old – whether it’s their first experience of Shakespeare or their hundredth.

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