News: Cast announced for MTFestUK 2024

Following the success of 2023, MTFestUK returns in 2024 to provide a platform for showcasing new and exciting musical theatre from the UK and abroad. This year, the festival will shine the spotlight on eight new musicals from 30 January to 11 February workshopped and presented in ‘sharing’ sessions in both The Other Palace Studio and The Turbine Theatre. The audience is invited to support, explore, engage, and enjoy new musical theatre in its various stages of development.

Following the announcement of shows as part of MTFestUK 2024, casting for the eight new musicals is now complete. This year’s productions encompass a rich tapestry of titles and themes, with contributions from a diverse array of talented writers, composers, and performers.

MTFestUK 2024 is excited to feature Miriam-Teak Lee (& Juliet), Laura Baldwin (Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Cinderella, Waitress), Jordan Luke Gage (Bonnie & Clyde, & Juliet), Rebecca Lock (Elf The Musical, Heathers) and Declan Bennett (Jesus Christ Superstar).

MTFestUK 2024 at The Other Palace

A Jaffa Cake Musical
Writer: Sam Cochrane
Arrangements: Rob Gathercole
Director: Ali James
Musical Director: Bianca Fung

Inspired by the 1991 tribunal which determined the true identity of a Jaffa Cake, the multi-award winning Gigglemug Theatre (Timpson: The Musical, RuneSical, Scouts! The Musical) bring you a brand-new family-friendly musical comedy about the nation’s favourite cake
(I mean, biscuit…?)

Cast includes: Sam Cochrane as Kevin, Emily Kitchingham as Katherine, Harry Miller as Jake, Alex Prescot as Judge, and Katie Pritchard as Tax Man.



Music and Lyrics: Declan Bennett and Olivia Broadfield
Book: Declan Bennett
Director: Declan Bennett
Musical Director: Livi van Warmelo

When you’ve Both done all you can and something has to give, do you fall for what you know or lose the life you live? When you’re Both up against the wall, do you give up or give it all?

Cast includes: Declan Bennet and Niamh Perry.


Tit Swingers
Book, Music and Lyrics: Abey Bradbury and Sam Kearney-Edwardes
Director: Conor Dye

Anne Bonney and Mary Read: polyamorous queer pirates named the Hellcats of the Seven Seas for their various vicious and notorious crimes…who fought with their tits out. The Tit Swingers are here to write their own sea shanties in a new punk gig musical.

Cast includes: Abey Bradbury as Mary Read, Sam Kearney-Edwardes as Anne Bonney, and Max Kinder as Calico Jack.


Book, Music and Lyrics: Randy Rogel
Developed / Co-created: BT McNicholl
Director: Jerry Zaks
Musical Director: Michael Bradley
Presented in association with La Mirada Theatre of the Performing Arts
Presented with the support of Al GoughBeth Corets, and Kevin Ryan

Another little shop, another big problem.  At a ‘50s San Francisco coffee house, a struggling beatnik sculptor accidentally creates a new style of art that thrusts him into fame and fortune as trouble mounts…. in this twisted killer comedy musical!

Cast includes: Jacob Fisher as Beatnik, Peter Hannah as Maxwell, Jenna Innes as Beatnik, Miriam-Teak Lee as Carla, Gina Murray as Mrs Swickert, Rory O’Malley as Walter Paisley, Quinn Patrick as Leonard Desantis, and Ian Virgo as Detective. Stage directions read by Pete Gallagher.

MTFestUK 2024 at The Turbine Theatre

Written by the film’s screenwriter Robin Schiff
Score: Gwendolyn Sanford and Brandon Jay
Director: Kristin Hanggi
Musical Director: Emily Marshall
Based on the Touchstone film Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion and the stage play Ladies’ Room written by Robin Schiff. Produced by special arrangement with Barry Kemp, Peter Schneider, Lawrence Mark, and Stephen Soucy

Pop culture’s most lovable and quotable best friends are back, and this time they’re bringing their misadventures to the stage in the new musical comedy. ROMY AND MICHELE The Musical is an absolute feel-good joyride and the best thing to happen since the invention of Post-Its®.

Cast includes: Femi Akinfolarin as Mike, Laura Baldwin as Romy White, Jarrad Biron Green as Sandy Frink, Millicent Blair as Michelle Weinberger, Jordan Kai Burnett as Heather Mooney, Connor Carson as Billy Christianson, Evangeline Jarvis Jones as Christie Masters, Deena Kapdia as Kelly Possenger, Anna MacLeod as Lisa Luder, and Kingsley Morton as Toby Walters.


Music and Lyrics: Elliot Clay
Book: Tori Allen-Martin
Director: Sarah Henley

It’s 2008, season two of ‘The Kardashians’ is airing, Britney’s made her comeback, and a group of teenagers are about to steal $3 million worth of belongings from Hollywood celebrity’s homes. Inspired by unbelievably true events, this darkly comic pop-opera lampoons noughties culture and asks how and why they did it… O.M.G!!!

Cast includes: Roxanne Couch as Sacha, Rosanna Hyland as Mum/Teacher, Idriss Kargbo as Ryan,  Jessica Lee as Lucy, and Olivia Mitchell as Jenny.



Written by Jordan Luke Gage
Director: Josh Seymour
Musical Director: Ben Tomalin

Based on the true events of William Critchard and Richard Arnold in 1753, Redcliffe is an epic tale of forbidden love in spite during the persecution people faced for hundreds of years.

Cast includes: James Darch as Richard, Jess Douglas Welsh as Abigail, Chris Fung as Landlord, Jordan Luke Gage as William, Emma Lindars as Landlady, and Rebecca Lock as Mother.

Graduate ensemble includes: Elena BluckEllie McAspurn, Rees Parry, and Jonathan Peniket.


The Garden
Music, Book, Lyrics: Chisara Agor
Orchestration: Robin G Breeze
Director: Chisara Agor
Musical Director: Robin G Breeze

When a sprawling magical garden grows overnight on Azalea’s estate, Azalea and her friends connect within it to unite the community, healing neighbourly strife and familial bonds. The Garden is an exciting, magical-realist, afro-electric-folk musical which sheds light on the need for social housing, nature and love.

Cast includes: Chisara Agor as Azalea, Elinor Machen-Fortune as Abbi, Jack Matthew as Developer, Resident. Full cast to be announced.

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