How to Create a Special Audience Experience in a Theatre

Sometimes running a theatre feels all about the production, and there’s no doubt it’s important to book the right shows, but you can; forget about the overall theatre experience for your audience; this is what creates a strong impression for them and word-of-mouth ads for you.

Focus on careful planning for your production

As a creative professional knows everything comes from something, which is why planning is such an important part of the production process; in fact, it is fundamental. If you want to create a special audience experience that makes them return time and again, gather an ideal team.

Whether you are planning the infrastructure for the stage, the logistics of the customers, or the general theatre experience, everything needs to have a plan and process. Organisation is not only for health and safety; it creates a controlled environment that meets audience expectations.  

Install a theatrical scent machine in the building

What does theatre small like when you enter it? Does it smell like the old benches, varnished wooden stalls, and red material seats that are so traditional? Or perhaps it smells like an old building; after all, even the most modern theatres need to be freshened up from time to time.


If you work in the arts, you understand the power of fiction and fantasy, so why not treat your audience to a little of the magic in your theatre by installing a theatrical scent machine? These machines can emit a high-quality authentic theatre smell to enhance the audience’s experience.

Try to create a seamless live show experience

Beethoven’s 7th symphony starts imperceptibly silent and builds slowly towards an emphatic climax, but although there are many digressions along the way, the symphony is always under control and beautiful to listen to; this is exactly how to organize your internal theatre production.

The theatre production should be organized like a theatre show or a classical symphony; it should have a simple beginning that is well-organized without any surprises and slowly build over the evening to a point that satisfies the customers. The evening can then come to an end.  

Everything should contribute to the event experience

When someone buys a ticket to see a show at your theatre, they don’t simply want to see the show; they want the full theatre experience. A terrific theatre show that doesn’t have supporting elements such as a supportive audience, refreshment stalls, and professional curates, fails.

At the same time, a mediocre production can be elevated significantly by the same supporting elements. Perhaps the audience is critical of the live show, but they have still enjoyed their time at your theatre and will likely come back because the ticket price is worth more than the show. 

Consider transport and amenities in the local area

Again, the transport and amenities play a part in the overall experience of the audience. If you can, recommend transport links on the ticket and bars and restaurants in the local area that offer excellent pre-theatre meals for your audience to enjoy. Again, they will appreciate your efforts.

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