5 Simple Tips on Writing a Music Review Essay

When you need to write a music review essay, you strive to share your experience of listening with the reader. For reviewing an album correctly, follow these tips to help you write something interesting.

1. Include basic information about the album

Provide basic information on how and when the album was recorded. Let’s take Paul McCartney’s McCartney III album as an example. “The album was recorded in 2020 during the pandemic. In his creative rest, he involuntarily created new material, in which he unexpectedly discovered potential. Then he got the idea of creating a new full-fledged release, which initially was not even in the plans.”

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2. Include your own impression about the album

Think and write about what impressed you the most about the album. “Now, just imagine. At the age of 78, Paul McCartney wrote new music, thought out the arrangement, and recorded an entire album alone, playing all the instruments. Crazy skill! Of course, this approach has been used in all the McCartney albums before. However, such a performance at this age is impressive.”

3. Write about the sound

Write about the sound and instruments used in the music. “In terms of sound, it is close to 1970’s McCartney, only part III is more thought out in terms of overall sound. The songs themselves are like songs, not cute tunes and demos. Despite his age, Sir Paul plays very cheerfully on everything, be it guitars, keyboards, or drums – and you can hear it very well.”

4. Highlight separate songs

Describe the songs that are particularly different from the others on the album. “The mood of the songs is diverse. The main hit ‘Find My Way’ fits our time very well. ‘Slidin’’ is arguably the heaviest and most rocking song on the release. The slightly psychedelic ‘Deep Deep Feeling’ is reminiscent of the days of ‘Chaos and Creation …’, again bringing to the fore the theme of deep feelings that people strive to comprehend over and over again.”

5. Sum up everything expressing your opinion

Your essay should end with a summary of everything you have mentioned earlier. “‘McCartney III’ is a monument to human inspiration, endless fortitude, and professionalism. The album leaves a pleasant aftertaste. Paul McCartney is a living example of a creatively unfading person. Even at such a respectable age, he creates songs, gets acquainted with new trends, and he does not even disdain some of them and uses them in his music.”

The best way to learn to write music reviews properly is to study review articles written for different music magazines, in print and on the Internet. Analyze them, flag positive comments, get a feel for the author’s style, and just write!

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