Six Tips To Ensure A Great Kiddies Party

If you are faced with planning a party for your child the choices can be pretty overwhelming. Make the entire process that little bit easier with these 6 great (and easy-to-follow) tips, and the result will be an exciting event where everyone, from adults to tiny guests has a fabulous time.

  1. Keep things Simple

It’s always tempting to go overboard when it comes to decorations and the most innovative foods – and schedule long hours of entertainment. keep in mind your primary audience – simplicity is key.

A great party will have a structure, and fun activities, be easy to manage – and be shorter, rather than longer in duration. As they often say in show business ‘leave them wanting more’. 

  1. Ensure that everything is Age-Appropriate

Kids sometimes can have short attention spans. The key to a successful party is to keep them engaged. Make sure that your planned activities are age-appropriate. Don’t make activities too complex for the very young – and keep that menu simple (kids don’t do well with the unfamiliar).

Here are some great party templates that take into account the preferences across age groups.

  1. Keep the kids Captivated from the Moment they Arrive

An ‘arrival activity’ is great – the fun starts as soon as they arrive. Age-appropriate creative projects involving artistic creation are ideal. Provide some Christmas themed toys and necklaces that light up. To keep kids engaged it’s a wonderful rule-of-thumb to ensure that there is a new activity once every 15 minutes (or thereabout).

  1. Book some Entertainment

A professional party entertainer adds a whole lot of fun to the day. They have experience in dealing with children of a variety of ages – and know what keeps them engaged and smiling. The experiences they create make for a memorable party where everyone enjoys themselves – and that means that you, as the organizer can take a breather to simply enjoy the festivities.

  1. Make use of the Great Outdoors

New York City is one of the most fabulous places on earth for numerous reasons – and one of these is the great open public spaces and parks. Hosting a kiddie’s party at the park can be a great idea.

Residents in NYC are lucky enough to have a huge number of parks to choose from. there (of course) Central Park, Carl Schurz Park, Prospect Park, Brooklyn Bridge Park – and the list goes on and on. Simply click here to find the parks that are close to you.

  1. Have Fun!

It’s a day for the kids – but always remember that it’s also our day – get out there and let your hair down, and have some fun. You are going to be an important part of setting the tone – kids and parents will take their cue from you. If you have fun – so will they.

So relax, and eat lots of cake. If it’s hot, serve up some ice cream. Forget the calories and indulge yourself. You deserve every moment.

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