Trailer for Series 5 of The Crown

“Have Royal scandals damaged the country’s reputation?”

The Crown has been getting all sorts of advance publicity, whether from the death of Queen Elizabeth herself, the ascension of King Charles III and Dame Judi Dench making her own intervention this week. So the trailer for Season 5 dropping acts as a useful corrective to remind us that hardly anyone knows how this season is actually going to be portrayed.

The upshot is that it really is going to be uncomfortable viewing for the new King, the focus seemingly largely on the crumbling of his marriage to Diana and the wider scope of Her Maj’s annus horribilus. Imelda Staunton instantly looks better suited to the role that Olivia Colman ever did, though Dominic West as Charles still doesn’t quite sit right for me, I’ll be interested to see if his performance is able to overcome my feelings.

I am however much more interested in how amazing Lesley Manville will be as Princess Margaret, how eerily well-cast Olivia Williams (and that hair!) has turned out to be as Camilla and whether Jonny Lee Miller will make John Major as fanciable as he is in his photograph. The show hits Netflix on 9th November.

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