TV Review: Silent Witness Series 10

Series 10 of Silent Witness, aka the one where they add episodes, make Harry a wannabe stand-up and Harry and Nikki do it, or do they?

“I went as far as I believed I could”

Because in TV-land, a young(ish) man and woman couldn’t possibly work together without shagging, Series 10 of Silent Witness sees the inevitable hooking-up of Nikki and Harry. Although to its credit, it instantly puts a fly in the ointment and in the harrowing final story, really earns the affection between this pair. 

As we flit from people-trafficking to performance art, angsty teenagers to animal rights activists, this emerges as a solid rather than spectacular series. Adding in a fifth story adds to the sense of general competence without really raising the stakes, until ‘Schism’ at least, though I’d question just how much mortal danger we ever thought ‘someone’ was in.

Top guest appearances

  1. Zubin Varla is incredibly dishy as DS Ashar, grouching around a gnarly people-trafficking case
  2. Whereas Sarah Malin’s DI is a lot more personable as she delves into ‘Supernova’…
  3. …in which Barbara Marten is sorely underused…
  4. …but Rebecca Oldfield makes a vivid impression as a moody teen
  5. And the always excellent Jemima Rooper pops up right at the beginning of ‘Schism’ to guide us through a twisty tale of animal rights activism gone wrong

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