The Resurgence of Alice in Wonderland

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, typically shortened to just Alice in Wonderland, is a novel written by Charles Dodgson using the pseudonym of Lewis Carroll. The book was published in 1865, telling the story of a young girl named Alice who falls through a rabbit hole into a surreal world where inanimate objects have suddenly been given human traits and abilities.

Alice in Wonderland has become popular among children because of its fairy-tale and imagination. In contrast, adults continue to celebrate and even study the book as a flagship example of the literary nonsense genre.

The Ongoing Success of Alice in Wonderland

Since it was first published, the story has never not been in print. It’s believed that the book has been translated into almost 100 different languages and has a long-lasting influence on genres of fantasy.

Adaptations are rife, most notably on the screen, radio and in plays. Yet, Alice in Wonderland has also influenced the creation of theme park rides, casino games, board games, and even video games. In another new vertical, this time for adults to enjoy the tale under the creative talents of Playtech Live, we have the Adventures Beyond Wonderland online slot game.

During the current social climate, Alice was even made into a virtual occasion.

Was There an Alice in Wonderland Sequel?

The narrative was extended in 1871 when Carroll published a sequel by the name of Through the Looking Glass. It followed a similar style to the first novel as Alice enters a new surreal world by travelling through a mirror. Not many people are aware, but just over a decade later, Carroll then published a third book, The Nursery Alice, although this was an adaptation of the first novel for children up to five years old. The story was shortened and included 20 illustrations.

The Re-Incarnation of Alice in Wonderland

Now there is a new adaptation of Carroll’s long-standing literary success. The novel from the literary canon will be adapted into a new stage production touring the biggest and best theatres around the country.

The stage production will be called Alice in Wonderland Down the Rabbit Hole and mostly reflect the standard narrative from over a century ago. Kerry Boyne will play Alice, meaning it could be the first time a black woman plays Alice. Other notable names included in the production are Ashley Luke Lloyd from an international tour of Mamma Mia, Billie Hardy and Brooke Havana Bailey. Ashley Luke Lloyd has produced the play in association with the Aeronaut Theatre.

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