Review: Alice – A Virtual Theme Park

Doing the Macarena with the Queen of Hearts? But of course. Alice – A Virtual Theme Park does an excellent job of blending technical innovation with live theatre

“There ought to be a book written about me”

There’s rarely a dearth of opportunities to visit Wonderland, Lewis Carroll’s ever-popular source material a frequent presence in theatres but with Alice – A Virtual Theme Park, there’s a very much 21st century take which works surprisingly well. And given Covid-19, it isn’t a play but rather a multiplatform, multiple choice experience.

Let the Cheshire Cat guide you through your Zoom settings and listen to Leda Douglas’ inquisitive Alice as she takes us down the rabbit hole, and the scene is then set for an inspired, interactive and family-friendly journey with these familiar characters, effectively curated by Creation Theatre.

Zoe Seaton’s adaptation, aided by guest writer Charlotte Keatley, does an excellent job of blending technical innovation with live theatre, meaning that as audiences make their own way through the various vignettes, there’s plenty of amusing surprises at every turn and click of the button.

Find yourself playing musical statues to the Macarena with the Queen of Hearts (a brilliantly malevolent Vera Chok) or dancing the Lobster Quadrille with the March Hare. Design a baby hedgehog so you can join in with hedgehog croquet and get wrapped up in the thrilling courtroom drama when those jam tarts go missing…

Much is familiar here and with the opportunity of gentle audience participation in many of the episodes, Alice… should appeal to kids of any age and that includes 41! 

Running time: around 75 minutes
Alice – A Virtual Theme Park is booking online until 30th August

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