Re-review: A singalong Bat out of Hell, Dominion

We go back to the singalong Bat out of Hell at the Dominion Theatre but find diminishing returns

“Can’t you hear the choir now?
Listen to the animals sing”

Just a quickie for this repeat visit to Bat out of Hell, as the allure of the singalong performance was once again too strong. I don’t know if Tuesday night was the best choice though, as the Dominion Theatre was lacking in bodies and in atmosphere, at least in our part of the stalls, which kind of detracted from the communal spirit which was so enjoyable last time around.

I wonder too if the news of the show’s closure has dampened some of the enthusiasm. As D-day (5th January) draws closer, some of that intensity might return but for me, the performance level was weaker than I’ve previously seen. Rob Fowler and Sharon Sexton carry the show even more now and that means you only feel their absence all the more when they’re not on stage. Nothing really rocks, nothing really rolls…

Running time: 2 hours 45 minutes (with interval)
Photo: Specular
Bat out of Hell is booking at the Dominion Theatre until 5th January, one more singalong performance is scheduled for 31st December 

1 thought on “Re-review: A singalong Bat out of Hell, Dominion

  1. Gosh what a miserable unfair review. Are you trying to put people off going? As a veteran of over 15 shows with several more booked, I can tell you that this is the best show I have ever seen in my quite long life! The singers/dancers are superb, their voices second to none. If you went before on Halloween of course it was going to be special with everyone dressing up etc. but you do the show a great disservice by saying that Sharon and Rob are carrying it. Yes beyond doubt they are totally awesome but so is Christina Bennington and which ever of the Strats is on and I have seen them all several times. We Batfans are heartbroken that the show is ending and also have great sympathy for the poor American cast who were sacked at about 48 hours notice. Are you going to the Gala performance on Thursday in aid of the Invictus Games which is sold out? Hopefully not if you are going to do such a poor review again!

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