TV Review: Bodyguard Series 1

Bodyguard reaches a thrilling climax that is sure to disappoint some but left me on the edge of my seat

“I wanted to know who did it, I don’t know who did it”

Except we do finally know who did it. Jed Mercurio’s Bodyguard – an unexpected massive hit and a reminder that the appointment-to-view model is far from over – reached its climax tonight in typically high-tension style, confounding expectations to the end and dashing the dreams of many a conspiracy theorist to boot. Seriously, so glad that Julia Montague remained dead (at least until a sequel is announced and we have to go through this whole farrago again). 

And though it is bound to have its detractors, I have to say I found it all hugely entertaining. If it just wasn’t realistic enough for you, then WTF are you doing watching dramas? If you’re getting swept up in locations in this fictionalised version of London not being where they are in real life, turn the damn thing off! Its not for everyone, that’s absolutely fine, but you don’t have to drag everyone else down with your misery.

Rant done, this extended final episode gave us some of the answers that we’d been waiting for, but not all, and revealed how many red herrings were in the sea (I was so sure Vicky’s boyfriend would end up to be of significance). It was organised crime what dunnit, helped by bombs made by terrorists. Craddock was corrupt, the Secret Service were just shifty, Vicky’s good on the rope and Deepak and Louise thankfully remained honest-to-guv coppers out for the truth.

Does the wickedly good performance of Anjli Mohindra’s Nadia negate the stereotyping of Muslims as terrorists? I’m not so sure that it does, as effective as that particular rug-pull was. But the writing of Budd as a continually flawed protagonist does deserve recognition, showing the pervasiveness of PTSD and its pernicious effect on mental health rather than blithely following a hero narrative. And that scene of him starting counselling feels important in underlining that.

And on a last note, did anyone really think it was going to be a happy ending while watching it? Right up until the final seconds, I was sure that a bomb would go off, or the evil boyfriend would show up, or something or other would shatter the fragile peace of the scene, such was the brilliant tension that never really let up for me. That’s the kind of thrilling TV you want when it is starting to get chilly and dark and you’re struggling for things to talk about in the office!

Photo: Sophie Mutevelian

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  1. Neatly summed up. There were a few plot holes. Like the one that allowed him to escape unseen from the police surrounding him as he removed his bomb vest. But a riveting watch.

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