Blogged: Olivia Williams

I do love me a bit of Olivia Williams, so was more than disappointed that Waste at the National Theatre didn’t float my boat. Fortunately, she has a prolific body of work in both the UK and Hollywood with which I was happy to reacquaint myself, alongside some titles I was watching for the first time, like Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll, Now Is Good and Peter Pan (the 2003 version). 

I’d loved her work in An Education, The Ghost and Hyde Park in Hudson but was also really impressed by The Heart of Me, To Kill A King and Miss Austen Regrets. Hanna has a special place in my heart so I was glad to return to that film for the first time and she has a cracker of a role in Salting the Battlefield, the final part of David Hare’s Johnny Worricker trilogy.

There’s also some from the poorer end of the spectrum, not least the Channel 5 horror film Altar, dodgy Brit flicks like Born Romantic, Lucky Break and The Last Days on Mars, Krakatoa The Last Days and Agatha Christie – A Life In Pictures.

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