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TV Review: Litvinenko

A strong cast can’t quite liven up the over-stretched true-crime police procedural that is Litvinenko “May God…

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TV Review: Wire in the Blood (Series 1)

As if there wasn’t enough new stuff to watch, I decide to watch Wire in the Blood…

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fosterIAN awards 2022

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2022 Best Actor in a Play + in a Musical

Best Actor in a Play Hans Kesting, Who Killed My Father In a year of some mighty…

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TV Review: Four Lives

I finally get round to watching the achingly poignant Four Lives, a searching dramatisation of institutional failings…

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Review: Middle, National Theatre

Often painfully funny writing collides with the traumatic prospect of a marital split in David Eldridge’s Middle…

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News: 2021-22 shows at the National Theatre

The National Theatre today announces the on-sale dates of upcoming productions Middle, Our Generation, The Corn is Green and The…

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TV Review: Innocent (Series 1)

A strong cast make the first series of Innocent highly watchable, even if the storytelling never quite…

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TV Review: Messiah – The Rapture (2008)

AKA the one where they take it too far… Messiah V – The Rapture replaces the entire…