News: Unrestricted View Celebrates 25 Years of Unbridled Creativity at the Hen & Chickens Theatre

The Unrestricted View team of James Wren, Felicity Wren and Mark Lyminster proudly celebrates its 25th anniversary at the helm of the Hen & Chickens Theatre where their London theatre company has been dedicated to fostering bold new writing and comedy. 

Unrestricted View’s journey began in 1997, a love story intertwined with artistic passion. When Felicity Wren gifted James Wren a simple paper pad for their first wedding anniversary, it sparked a fire. James penned his first play, and together, the couple (now divorced but ever-collaborative) embarked on a remarkable theatrical adventure. 

Their second production in 1999 landed them at the Hen & Chickens Theatre, a 54-seat black box pub theatre steeped in London’s artistic spirit. The theatre was manager less at the time and after their run of their production, the then bar manager Dani Higginson asked James & Felicity if they would consider taking over the reins. 

Over the past quarter-century, Unrestricted View has transformed the Hen & Chickens Theatre into a haven for artistic exploration. The company has provided a safe space for countless playwrights, directors, and actors to develop their craft and connect with industry professionals. Their efforts have yielded impressive results, nurturing the careers of comedic luminaries like Jimmy Carr, The Mighty Boosh, and Sarah Millican to name a few. 

There have been ups and downs over the years with awards, fires, love stories and losing dear friends. 

Unrestricted View’s unwavering commitment to the artistic community extends beyond the stage. They curate three annual film festivals including the now BIFA (British Independent Film Awards) qualifying Unrestricted View Film Festival, providing a platform for independent filmmakers to showcase their work. 

“For 25 years, Unrestricted View has been a catalyst for artistic expression,” says Felicity “We are incredibly proud of the diverse voices we have championed and the artists we have helped launch. Our dedication to fostering new writing and comedy remains as strong as ever, and we look forward to many more years of pushing boundaries and celebrating artistic audacity at the Hen & Chickens Theatre.” 

About Unrestricted View 

Unrestricted View is a London-based theatre company committed to providing a platform for bold new writing and innovative comedy. Established in 1997 By Felicity & James Wren, the company has nurtured the careers of numerous playwrights, directors, and actors while fostering a vibrant artistic community at the Hen & Chickens Theatre. Unrestricted View also champions independent cinema through their three annual film festivals. 

Felicity Wren (Co- Founder and Executive Director): Felicity is now based in LA, but is still very much involved in the running of the company. She is also Vice President of Development for The ISA (International Screenwriters Association) and Creative Screenwriter Productions. 

James Wren (Co-Founder and Artistic Director): James is also Festival Director for Unrestricted View Film Festival (Now a BIFA Qualifying festival). He is also an actor/writer and a director of FMW Films. 

Mark Lyminster (Theatre Manager): Mark has been a pretty much permanent fixture during our time at the H&C and is the heart, soul and Queen of this theatre. He is also an actor and Festival Director For Rainbow Umbrella Film Festival. 

Coming up at the Hen & Chickens Theatre: 

Acting Through Song: A Musical Revue 
6th – 16th March (not 10th) 7.30pm £11.50 

Lost the Plot – An Improvised Musical 
10th & 17th March 7.30pm £10/8 

Bad Dog 
18th, 22nd & 23rd March 7.30pm £13.50 

Osric Omand and a Night of Cosmic Comedy 
19th March 7.30pm £9 

Rebound Productions – Emerging Artists Festival 
20th & 21st March 6pm & 8pm £11 per show, £20 for both days. 

The Young Actors Showcase 
24th March 7.30pm £15 

Drew Taylor: Mo’ Funny… Mo’ Problems 
25th March 7.30pm £11.50 

Wayne Wayneson’s Rock Hard 
26th March 7.30pm £12.50 

Don’t Get Me Wrong 
27th, 28th, 29th & 30th March 7.30pm £16.50 

Shake it Up: The Improvised Shakespeare Show 
1st April, 6th May & 3rd June 7.30pm £13 

BookTalkBookTalkBook Plus Works-in-Progress: Joanna Neary & Ben Moor 
7th April 3pm £10 

Death Becomes Us 

7th April 7.30pm £11.50 

UFFA – Yachting’s Eccentric Genius 

8th – 13th April 7.30pm £19.99/£17.99 

14th April 7.30pm £11.50 

Flora Anderson: Love Song 

16th April 7.30pm £7 

Corona Daze 

17th – 25th April & 19th – 25th May 7.30pm £15/10

Fit to Burst! – The Mid-Life Crisis Variety Hour 

26th (8pm), 27th (6pm & 8pm) & 28th April (8pm) £11.50 

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