Not-a-review: Elf the Musical, Dominion Theatre

Simon Lipkin is great fun at the heart of Elf the Musical at the Dominion Theatre

“I gave it a try”

I largely eschew reviewing (or even seeing) any festive shows but a ticket to accompany a pal to Elf the Musical dropped into my lap and with the cast featuring Simon Lipkin, Rebecca Lock, Kim Ismay and Tom Chambers, I decided I submit to a little Christmas cheer but hold off a formal review. I’ve seen the show a couple of times before and liked it more than I thought I would.

This time around, its old-school charms wore a little thinner (possibly exacerbated by the kind of audience behaviour that should automatically get you on the naughty list). Lipkin’s Buddy is great fun, he really is a great comic performer, but you really notice how underwritten Jovie is (Georgina Castle doing well regardless) by comparison and there’s a real casting mis-step as far as Chambers is concerned. 

Running time: 2 hours 20 minutes (with interval)
Photo: Mark Senior
Elf the Musical is booking at the Dominion Theatre until 7th January

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