Film Review: Tower Block (2012)

A youthful Sheridan Smith, Russell Tovey and Jack O’Connell liven up the doom and gloom of Tower Block

“I did a bad thing, doesn’t mean it wasn’t right”

James Nunn and Ronnie Thompson’s Tower Block is one of those (many) films that somehow passed me by so when a pal mentioned it during a boozy night out, I resolved to get around to watching it, especially since it features early career Sheridan Smith and Russell Tovey.

Written by James Moran, this grittily urban thriller took me by surprise as for once, I had no idea what it was about. I will say that it is set inside a tower block which has been condemned, with just the residents of the top floor waiting to be rehoused and then…a rather bad day starts for them. 

Tautly plotted and tightly wound, the film entirely benefits from the restriction of its location, finding surprise after surprise from the unlikeliest of places. And whilst its concept might not be the most complex, the execution more than makes up for it, with a remarkable sense of tension throughout.

This is aided by some sterling work from the ensemble cast. Smith and Tovey both impress as expected, but there’s vivid work too from an angsty Jack O’Connell. And the likes of Ralph Brown and Jill Baker, Julie Graham and Harry McEntire and a striking Montserrat Lombard match them for impact. 

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