Film Review: Butterfly Kisses (2017)

Not one to pick up if you’re just looking for Elliot Cowan content, Butterfly Kisses is a boldly, challenging movie

“I never thought I’d see the day when the sight of a good ass would make me feel sick”

I picked out Butterfly Kisses as part of my lockdown Elliot Cowan filmography marathon but as it turns out, this was more of a cameo than any kind of featured role which was a bit of a shame. Rafael Kapelinski’s film is focused on a bunch of teenagers in a South London estate, dealing with the challenges of being horny young men. 

Addicted to porn, their relationship to sex is somewhat warped. But as Kyle (Liam Whiting) and Jared (Byron Lyons) tease Jake (Theo Stevenson) about ‘still’ being a virgin, something a touch troubling begins to bubble beneath the surface. I won’t give anything more away as the slow burn of it all is part of the film’s unique appeal.


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