Review: Mayfly, Orange Tree Theatre

Mayfly, Orange Tree

“It’s the little stuff that counts, isn’t it?”

Short and sweet, Mayfly continues the Orange Tree’s strong recent record of showcasing new writing by supporting debut writer Joe White with this glistening production by Guy Jones. A low-key trip through rural English life impacted by tragedy, its ephemeral nature shows much promise.

In a tiny Shropshire community where village life is withering away, a family are further struggling to deal with the one-year anniversary of a particular tragedy. Grief has pole-axed mother, father, and daughter in different ways and it takes the arrival of a stranger who interacts with each to hint at light at the end of this tunnel.

White’s structuring requires a certain measure of disbelief suspension but it is done with a sensitivity that is delicately lovely. Simon Scardifield and Niky Wardley’s contrasting parental grief is achingly done, Evelyn Hoskins’ Loop is powerfully emotive and helping them all, in a multitude of little ways, Irfan Shamji’s Harry is a delight. I’d recommend Mayfly but it is closing today.

Running time: 90 minutes (without interval)
Photo: Tristram Kenton
Mayfly is booking at the Orange Tree Theatre until 26th May

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