Review: Legally Blonde, Curve

“I may be in love but im not stupid”

To the tune of ‘Legally Blonde’

 Legally Blonde as a musical 
Has worked before on and off-West-End 
Now it’s gone to the East Midlands
To Leicester’s Curve, and just go. 

Nikolai Foster’s directing it, 
He’s changed some things that you may approve 
Others are not so successful 
But what do I know? 

Lucie Jones good, Lucie Jones strong 
Lucie Jones following on 
Icons like this, Sheridan Smith, Reese Witherspooooon

Her Elle Woods is a fun surprise 
You can see it in her eyes 
That’s fine with me, 
should make you see Legally Blonde 

Jon Robyns is a gorgeous Emmett 
Danny Mac makes Warner seem ok 
They make their characters so charming 
You’ll fall for them, no problem / Well what’s the issue? 

Its meant to be kinda feminist / It is in its way 
Doesn’t show through though they try their best / More of a fairytale 
And attitudes t’wards sexuality 
Are not ok 

What about fun? 
Is it ok if its fun? 
It means well, this I know 
But perhaps, if you don’t take it to heart 
You’ll find its humour pretty smart 
You may find it is so 
Cause you know that its frothy and fuuuun

Yes its bright pink, sometimes bizarre 
Tupele Dorgu’s a star 
Nick Winston’s cho-, reography 
Fills the stage well 
‘What You Want’s’ rap, now Bollywood, 
doesn’t quite work all the same 

That said I feel, this musical, is charming regardless of all 
It’s not up to me 

If you go and see 
Legally Blonde.

European or gay. 
But I think maybe 
You should go and see 
Legally Blonde.

Running time: 2 hours 25 minutes (with interval)
Booking until 14th May
NB: I’ve touched on it just lightly here but I do have to say that it was the first time in seeing the show umpteen times, that I felt queasy about its LGBT issues. Quite why that is I couldn’t really say but I’m just being honest 

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