Fed up with football? World Cup theatre offers


“Football crazy, football mad”

The World Cup kicks off on Thursday 12th June in São Paolo and will run for a goodly month as 64 games are played throughout Brazil (I’m tipping Bosnia and Colombia to do well, and Rooney to get sent off in his first game). Television and work schedules will be all askew as people try and wrestle with the time difference so the people at Theatre People have teamed up with a starting squad of West End stars to highlight a month of offers and discounts to wide range of shows which offer an alternative to sitting in and watching men in shorts on telly. 

Shot and rather brilliantly edited by Keith Huckfield (with additional camera work from Warren Badenski), the video does show that the Venn diagram of theatre and football might have more overlap than you might expect – Let the Right One In’s Martin Quinn is clearly a dab hand at a keepy-uppy as is Dirty Rotten Scoundrels’ John Marquez. And there’s good skills on show from the Mamma Mia boys (in flippers no less), the two guys from Once (couldn’t quite work out who they were) and The 39 Steps’ Ellie Beaven, plus many more.

Even the redoubtable ladies of Handbagged get in on the action, though their best moment comes at 0.41. And it is undoubtedly more fun to watch those who are closer to my level of zero footballing skill – the miskicks (Rebecca Benson), the ball-hitting-you-on-the-head-so-let’s-call-that-a-header (Nick Holder) etc. So if you’d rather see a show of two halves than a game of two halves, give the video a watch and then head on over to Theatre People to find strength in depth in their deals on well over 30 shows. They think it’s all over, it is now, it really is.


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