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Film Review: Wild Rose (2018)

A Brit-flick with a difference as Wild Rose serves up country music via Glasgow, with great performances…

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TV Review: Chernobyl

In its exploration of the human stories around the nuclear accident, Craig Mazin’s mini-series Chernobyl is simply…

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Countdown to new Who: Doctor Who Series 2

“Some things are worth getting your heart broken for” David Tennant’s opening season took the template of…

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Film Review: Last Chance Harvey (2008)

“Cantankerous I’ve never been” Joel Hopkins’ The Love Punch was a film that worked far better than…

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Re-review: The James Plays, National Theatre

“The wheel will turn. The wheel always turns. The wheel will turn around again.” One of the…

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Cast of James I – The Key Will Keep The Lock continued

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Saturday afternoon music treats

Rachelle Ann Go + Mark Baustista – How Did You Know Continuing to explore the work of…

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Review: James III – The True Mirror (plus overview of the trilogy), National Theatre

“Scotland herself doesn’t know what kind of nation she is half the time but I’ve learned that…

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Review: James I – The Key Will Keep The Lock, National Theatre

“I am the King of Scots. In 18 years I never forgot that” The first of The James…