Saturday afternoon music treats

Rachelle Ann Go + Mark Baustista – How Did You Know
Continuing to explore the work of the Here Lies Love company, I love the fact that Mark Bautista is a bona fide pop star in the Philippines and this duet is with Rachelle Ann Go who can herself be found in London in Miss Saigon.

West End Mamas – Sanay Wala Ng Wakas
Gia Macuja Atchison is also in Here Lies Love and she’s a member of the West End Mamas group, singing an interesting number here.

Madalena Alberto – Somewhere Over The Rainbow
A gorgeous interpretation of the song that owes just a little to Eva Cassidy.
Katie Brayben – Tattoo
Another (self-penned?) number from the soon-to-be-Carole-King Brayben.

Jamie Sives and John Mercer – Simple Song
And a welcome surprise to see Jamie Sives singing here.

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