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Lockdown TV Review: Spooks Series 5

Full of shocks that actually mean something, Series 5 of Spooks is one of its absolute best…

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Countdown to new Who: Doctor Who Series 3

“You  Are  Not  Alone” There’s something perhaps a bit perverse in some of the strongest episodes of…

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Film Review: Beauty and the Beast (2017)

“Tale as old as time” It’s taken me a little time to get round to writing this…

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Album Review: Beauty and the Beast (2017) – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

“How could anyone be gloomy and depressed? We’ll make you shout ‘encore!’” The live action remake of…

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An assortment of Beauty and the Beast video clips

In advance of Beauty and the Beast opening in cinemas across the UK next Friday, here’s just…

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12 Days of Christmas – Black Mirror 3:4

 “Uploaded to the cloud, sounds like heaven” On the tenth day of Christmas, Black Mirror gave to…

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Review: Nell Gwynn, Apollo Theatre

“The girl in this tale isn’t quite half as predictable” Jessica Swale’s Nell Gwynn took the Globe…

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fosterIAN awards 2015

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2015 Best Actress in a Play + in a Musical

Best Actress in a Play Lia Williams, Oresteia Could it have been anyone else? Finally given the…