Famous Shows at London’s Hippodrome Casino

The theatre at the Hippodrome Casino in London is a big tourist attraction and entertainment hub for people all over the UK. The building dates back all the way to 1900, and it was originally designed to host circus shows and theatre performances. Since then, the establishment has undergone multiple renovations, and back in 1958, the original interior was demolished and built from the ground up. At that time, the Hippodrome Casino was a nightclub called The Talk of the Town.  

In 2009 it was acquired by Jimmy and Simon Thomas, two entrepreneurs that restored and heavily remodelled the place once again. This time, however, they went back to the original design and turned it into a casino. Of course, the place still has its entertainment venue and hosts great shows that we will discuss in detail. So, if you ever wondered what kind of performances you can see in the theatre at Hippodrome Casino London, stick around.

Hippodrome Casino Gaming Hub

The beard and butter of this establishment is its gaming area. There are more than 100 electronic gambling machines and big rooms with table games and poker tables. There are dozens of slot machines, some of which feature a progressive jackpot:

  • Prosperity Link
  • Coin’O Luck
  • Cash Connection
  • Egyptian Treasures
  • Hephaestus Cash Eruption
  • Samurai Beast
  • Power of Ra

It’s common for guests who are visiting the theatre to drop by and try some of these iconic casino games. Of course, if you are self-excluded, then you won’t be able to access the gaming area. If this is the case, you can find online gambling sites that are not on Gamstop and even gamble for free using available bonuses. A popular brand in the UK is MyStake, and you can read the detailed MyStake Review to find out what this operator has to offer. In other words, if you can’t play at Casino Hippodrome you can always play online and use available promos.

Bear in mind that MyStake isn’t the only operator out there that accepts UK players. You can find multiple other non-Gamstop sites that accept players from the UK. All you have to do is go to notgamstop.com and go through their lists. You can browse sites based on license, type of content they host, and type of bonuses they offer to new players.

The Hippodrome Casino London Events

This 80,000ft2 complex has international renown for a reason. The theatre at the Hippodrome Casino in London caters to the fans of music, sports, comedy shows, and electrifying mature performances. The venue is packed with shows during the holiday seasons, so time your visit accordingly.

Magic Mike Live

This is an ongoing show at Hippodrome casino in London. Magic Mike Live really takes advantage of the sophisticated lighting system and creates a 360-degree performance for a truly memorable girls’ night out. As you already guessed, this is so much more than the Hippodrome London light show, it’s a show inspired by the 2012 blockbuster movie Magic Mike, and it’s directed by Channing Tatum himself. 

The show really lives up to the hype, as the reviews on Trip Advisor and other sites are overwhelmingly positive. So, if you want to see professional dancers, salacious performances and have some good laughs, make sure you book a ticket for Magic Mike Live.

Burlesque Idol

Another ongoing event that takes place at the London Hippodrome casino is Burlesque Idol. Guests have a chance to see fabulous contestants from all over the UK competing for your vote. The idea is to show beauty while rebelling against the modern beauty standards. It’s a form of expression that combines all sorts of fashion styles:

  • Pop punk
  • Pin Up
  • Glamour

It’s an uplifting competition that celebrates diversity and inclusivity and aims to show that beauty can be found in all shapes, sizes and colours. Book a ticket if you want to see some really creative showgirls, enjoy hours of entertainment, and just spend time in a relaxing environment free of fear and judgment. 

Sport Events

Fans of sports gather at the theatre at Hippodrome Casino London for watch parties. The theatre is equipped with giant screen HD TVs that are perfect for enjoying exciting competitions. You also get to be surrounded by other fans and share all the highs and lows during the match. In September 2023, visitors have a chance to enjoy the following sports:

  • Rugby World Cup 2023 France
  • Formula 1
  • NFL
  • Premier League

Whenever a new competition is in the spotlight, you expect to see it lined up in the event schedule. Anyone who visits the place frequently should also get a rewards card. This will get you discounts on food, drinks and parking. People from all over the world recommend to sports fans to come here and enjoy their favourite competition. If you missed out on buying tickets for attending the games in person, this is the next best thing.

Stand Up Comedy Shows

This is also a place for memorable comedy shows. You know that it’s going to be great if the seats are all sold out. Some of the comedians that performed in recent history include:

  • Joe Lycett
  • Adam Kay
  • Fábio Rabin
  • Ardal O’Hanlon

Bear in mind that these shows aren’t that common. There is usually a big lineup of performers who entertain the audience for a few days in a row. So, you really need to actively search for upcoming shows if you wish to get some good laughs.

Music Concerts

The Hippodrome Casino London events also include music concerts. Some of the top local artists are invited to entertain guests during holidays, or they have stand-alone performances.

Iain Mackenzie, Lance Ellington and Shane Hampsheir

An experienced vocal trio from London who met while they were working in Monte Carlo. Iain is a reputable jazz lounge artist who has performed with prestigious orchestras and vocal harmony groups.

Lance is known for his collaboration with big celebrities like Sting, Robbie Williams, George Michael, Tina Turner, and many others. He is the son of legendary jazz singer Ray Ellington, and he is a regular guest on BBC shows.

Shane Hampsheir is an accomplished jazz/swing singer who made a name for himself by performing incredible one-man shows. Many feel that he is the top artist in the swing category, so if the Hippodrome Casino Leicester Square is teeming with guests, chances are they are there to see Shane perform.

The Satin Dollz

In 2021 many have come to spend the Christmas holidays by enjoying the Hippodrome London light show and seeing the Satin Dollz live performance. The previously mentioned Shane Hampsheir has also joined their glamorous and festive show. This is a group of stunning ladies in pin-up attires and incredible tap dancing skills. Their first album Shane Hampsheir was released in 2020, and it was a massive success.    

The Girls From Oz

Guests at the Hippodrome Casino London also had a chance to see elegant and sassy Ozzettes. These artists put a unique spin on popular songs from AC/DC, Men At Work, Sia, and Peter Allen and make it their own. In addition to a great sense of fashion, and musical talent, these divas have a knack for comedy. So, it’s a show to remember, and you should see them when they decide to perform again. 

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