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Fancy watching something different on TV? Luckily in 2023, there’s a hive of content waiting for you across a multitude of streaming services. Why not watch some related to poker after the recent rise of the best us poker sites? There are a few interesting shows that included poker as a central storyline. We’ve picked out some of our favorite shows we recommend to you. Some of the more obscure ones can still be found floating about on YouTube too…

Tilt (2005)

In 2005, ESPN launched the American drama series, Tilt. The show starred both Michael Madsen and Chris Bauer, as the antagonist and hero, respectively. Their characters are vying to become the winner of the upcoming World Championship Poker tournament. The show lasted nine episodes and wasn’t renewed for a second series, so don’t get too attached as it’s unlikely they’ll be any more.

Deadwood (2004)

If you want a chilling serial drama set in the American Western period then Deadwood is for you. Without giving too much of the narrative away, one of the primary storylines from the entire three-series shows stems from the result and actions that take place at a poker game. The show has been critically acclaimed having won eight Emmy awards and received 28 nominations.

While the original TV series finished in 2006, in 2019 HBO released a follow-up movie set 10 years after the end of the final season. Unlike a lot of follow-up movies, that are simply made to continue the money-making process this motion picture received praise for both developing and continuing the themes of the original series.

The Sopranos (1999)

While The Sopranos isn’t about poker in totality, there are more than a few references and appearances of the card game throughout the entire storyline. There are 86 episodes across six series to get stuck into, meaning that if you like this show there’s a lot to keep you occupied.

One of the most poker prominent episodes is ‘The Happy Wanderer’ from season two, which follows the narrative around a poker game and an unpaid debt. However, the entire series is critically acclaimed, so you can enjoy the entire series not just this one episode.

Poker Face (2023)

There are however some newer shows available offering distinct poker themes. Poker Face from Peacock (NBC’s streaming service). The iconic Natasha Lyonne stars as the casino worker come detective who becomes embroiled in the wicked world of the criminal underworld. Given the primary character works in a casino, it means that poker is often seen in the show and provides key narratives throughout.

The show has only had 10 episodes released in its first season but in February 2023 (just a month after its release) Peacock announced that a second series was penned in due to very positive feedback being received for the show.

2 Months 2 Million (2009)

The advent of ‘reality TV’ has covered most topics and in 2009 the world got this interesting piece of television. 2 Months 2 Million followed the lives and prospects of four college kids trying to make $2 million in just two months as the title suggests. It was displayed much like a fly-on-the-wall style show as it observed the players while they tried to hit the riches. Notable moments included one player losing and him then smashing a watermelon in rage!

The idea for the show was originally conceived in 2006 when the poker boom was still raging. However, as it took three years to materialize the show producers believe that the timing was off and the show’s viewing figures suffered as a result.

The show originally aired on G4TV, a channel that is now defunct, meaning the rights to broadcast have floated around multiple companies – last receiving a big push back in 2014.

The Micros (2011)

Potentially one of the stranger TV Shows on this, the Micros was an animated show following the lives and poker careers of three ‘grinders’ who committed their free time to play poker, each employing a different style of play.

During its heyday, the show even received sponsorship from a major online poker vendor. However shortly after the said deal collapsed the show was no longer produced. Since then the show’s creator has revived the characters in the form of an online comic strip. The show still enjoys a cult following with a very active Facebook group populated by its fans, with daily activity.

If you’ve never seen it before, then it’s worth checking out especially since all the episodes are now available on YouTube.

After watching these you can also find more poker shows/movies here that are considered some of the all-time greats.

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