Top 7 Essay Topics

Visit any college or university, and you will see that millions of students need to write essays every week. Regardless of the chosen major, you have to look for good topics and express your opinion on any subject. The fact is that most assignments aim to boost your critical thinking and eloquence. That is why you should choose topics related to politics, culture, religion, technology, or economics to expand your horizons. Here are seven of the most important and popular topics that you can use as a springboard to learn more about anything.

1.  Why Does Music Boost Your Intellect?

And here is the first topic, which is quite interesting for research. The fact is that music can stimulate brain activity and positively influence your academic performance. Put on your favorite song, and your body will release endorphins. By the way, many interesting studies have shown that classical and instrumental music has a positive effect on cognitive functions and long-term memory.

But how exactly do neurons and synapses respond to music? And is it true that music only gives a short-term effect? Well, the truth is somewhere under several layers of lies, so you should study the given topic a little deeper. There is nothing wrong with delegating your essay to any company. But be sure to read the to see what you can expect and how choosing a reliable service will help you boost your grades.

2.  Why Do Countries Avoid Using Nuclear Weapons During Wars?

Surely you know that in 1945 the United States dropped two atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. This military event served as a pretext for the surrender of Japan in World War II. But why don’t modern armies use nuclear weapons if they are so effective? The fact is that the destructive power of the atom is so dangerous that any modern conflict can end in disaster.

Read the research of America’s leading nuclear physicists and find out how modern weaponry can be a harbinger of the Apocalypse. Pick this topic, and you will learn a lot of interesting facts about modern weapons and their use.

3.  Should Humans Colonize Other Planets?

Is it possible to live on Mars or Pluto? What is the economic feasibility of building space bases? Such questions are relevant given the billions of dollars that countries spend on space exploration. As a student, you can speculate on the feasibility of space colonies and even give examples of the potential benefits. In addition, you should describe whether countries are ready to suffer large losses due to the first colonies on other planets. But what if the chosen topic appears too tricky to handle? Then you can delegate your essay to professionals.

4.  Why Do Happy People Live Longer?

Surely you know the theory that happy people often live longer than sad ones. The fact is that positive emotions form a stable hormonal background and improve the cardiovascular system. You will surely find at least a couple of studies proving that laughter and going out with friends affect longevity. Start by the idea that endorphins and certain neurotransmitters can slow down aging. However, if such a topic is too tricky, you can always count on academic assistance. But don’t forget to read the paper writings review because not all companies are equally reliable and offer last-minute assistance.

5.  Why Is Political Manipulation So Important to Control People?

Have you noticed that political, social, and racial slogans become stronger before elections in most countries? Politicians always want your vote and are ready to cultivate hatred in the people’s hearts for the opportunity to have access to the state budget. That is why you can describe the types of political manipulation and their impact on modern society. Surely you will be surprised at how little effort it takes to fool the crowd.

6.  How to Stop Overpopulation Around the World?

Judging by the population growth rate in India and China, the birth of new people is something like a national idea or a competition between families. If you study statistics, you will see that the number of people on Earth has more than doubled in the last fifty years. How to stop overpopulation, and are there effective ways to motivate people? As you can see, this topic is critically important for people since the resources of the Earth are limited. Moreover, you can even bring your ideas and vision of stopping the uncontrolled births of people.

7.  Is the Death Penalty an Effective Tool to Reduce Crimes?

Many scientists, psychologists, and criminologists are still arguing about how appropriate the death penalty is. Some people believe that such punishment is ineffective and society only needs the right moral examples. That is why you can explore this topic and argue for or against the death penalty.


Each topic described above is quite relevant for modern society, as it highlights all current problems. You can rely only on research or express your opinion if your professor does not mind. In any case, any of these topics are the basis for a great essay. Don’t be afraid, be honest, and write about what you care about.

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