Top Films Based On Video Games And Why You Should Watch Them

Turning video games into films is probably one of the most difficult things that screenwriters and producers can try to do. There are many challenges to tackle, such as changing the medium and concept in a powerful way, that is likely to capture fans everywhere. People love everything about their favourite video games, such as the storylines and the visuals. As a result, over the years, we have seen a number of great films based on video games. If you are wondering which of these films are worth watching now and why you will find all the information that you need within this handy guide.

Detective Pikachu

This is a game that has defined an entire generation, so it’s no surprise that when Detective Pikachu was announced, many fans were thrilled to see their beloved characters on screen. Although there was some scepticism about the ability of a live-action film to do justice to the iconic franchise, the results were incredible. The story follows Tim Goodman on his journey to find his missing private investigator dad Henry. Because of this, he teams up with Pikachu, which means that you can expect a mix of great jokes, CGI, and a few sentimental scenes in between.

Assassin’s Creed

Another great example of a video game which was transformed into a spectacular film is Assassin’s Creed. Since its release, video game films have become even more popular, which has also led to an increasing interest in playing online games, such as casino games. There are now many online casinos where you can play jackpot casino slots and live dealer games, such as Jackpot Casino. Moreover, you can find a range of amazing bonuses, including free spins, daily cashbacks, and welcome offers, which will make your gaming experience even better.


World of Warcraft is loved by many people all over the world, spanning generations of kids, who have been playing it for years. When Duncan Jones took on the challenge of creating a film adaptation, his knowledge of video game series was evident. In fact, it became the best-performing video game adaptation of all time, which brought joy to fans across the globe. Therefore, if you are looking for an epic adventure, which will leave you asking for more, check out Warcraft and enjoy the performances of Travis Fimmel, Paula Ratton, and Ben Foster.


One of the most recent films to consider is Uncharted, which came out in 2022 after years of production delays and other issues. Tom Holland plays the leading adventurer Nathan Drake who is recruited by Victor Sullivan, played by Mark Wahlberg. The film does a great job of delighting fans with some fun scenes, which capture the spirit of the game. As a result, you might find yourself reaching for your PlayStation controller after seeing this film. You will also get to enjoy Tom Holland’s athletic stunt ability, as he sets out on a dangerous adventure across the world with the aim of finding Magellan’s lost treasure.

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