Review: All in Good Time, VAULT Festival

Devised show All in Good Time sees The Not-God Complex bringing their unique vision to the VAULT Festival

“We will still be here”

The Not-God Complex’s What Makes A Body Terrifying was a strikingly ambitious entry in last year’s Camden Fringe so I thought I was prepared for their new show All in Good Time, opening in this first week of the 2023 VAULT Festival. But the breadth of their artistic experimentation means that I was once again taken aback by the boldness of their vision. 

This latest devised show is a self-described “celebration of divergent perspectives of time” and blends together movement, poetry and song with glitter balls, plastic ducks and time travel, to scratch not even a little of the surface of what is going on here. As with much devised work, it’s a vibe you have to be in the mood for as it casts its certain spell.

Insofar as trying to capture what the show is ‘about’, the common thread is the multiple and changing ways in which we experience time. Vignettes scattered throughout history take us through an evolving understanding of time (and how it is measured, the medieval section is hilarious on this) but also point to how neurodivergent perspectives vary as well.

Ultimately, the show bewilders as much as it bewitches and if you’re willing to go along with deviser/performers Rebeka Dió, Zoë Glen and Billie Grace on that ride, there’s thoughtfulness to appreciate and fun to be had. There’s a keen eye for striking visual – the routine for time travel is particularly inventive – and a pleasing resolve to do things their own way.

Running time: 60 minutes (without interval)
Photo: Katie Glen
All in Good Time is booking at the VAULT Festival until 27th January

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