TV Review: Big Age

“I transcend chaotic environments”

As this may well just be Ronkẹ Adékoluẹjo’s world which we’re lucky to be a part of, I paid attention to her CV in a recent theatre programme and spotted this TV show Big Age. It’s actually just a pilot (so far) for a comedy, available online via Channel 4, but I reckon it is worth the 25 minutes. 

Written by Bolu Babalola, Adékoluẹjo plays aspiring writer Ṣadé who kicks off her 25th birthday by quitting her dead-end copywriting job. Thrilled by this announcement, her best pal Dela (Rachael Ofori) declares a day of decadent distraction and so we follow them from shopping to clubbing, networking with the cognoscenti and FaceTiming with her mum.

On this evidence, you can see the show working. Rather than dramatic swerves, it is highly character-based and prefers to show off the nuances in everyday life. Ṣadé swings between excitement and fear about having quit her job, the makings of a romantic triangle appear with Michael Workeye’s Zeke and CJ Beckford’s Tayo but the real love comes with the friendship between Ṣadé and Dela. You hope Adékoluẹjo and Ofori get to play more with this.

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