5 of the Best Theatres in Manchester

If you love theatre-going as much as we do, then Manchester is worth a visit. Manchester has a wide range of theatres with plenty of productions on show, including up-and-coming performers and West End productions. Here, we supply you with five of the best Manchester theatres.    

Hope Mill Theatre

Situated in Ancoats, Manchester, Hope Mill Theatre is the creation of two acting enthusiasts, Joseph Houston and William Whelton. Hopemill Theatre is not exactly the West End or Broadway, but neither is it meant to be; this theatre is built to showcase up-and-coming talent.

Hope Mill Theatre needs to be shouted about, not least because of the reputation of the Mills in the city and the dedication to championing new talent. If you’re looking for an entertaining production during frugal times, then check out the latest productions at Hope Mill Theatre. 

Royal Exchange Theatre

Royal Exchange Theatre has a long history in Manchester. Initially, the building was used in the cotton trade, which lasted right up until 1968. The building was damaged during the second world war then later by the IRA bombing in 1996. It turned into the theatre it is today in 1976.

The Royal Exchange Theatre is one of the most stunning theatres in the city; along with its history, it is located in a beautiful listed building and attracts some of the top-performing productions in the world. Don’t miss your chance to visit this stunning theatre for a show.  

Palace Theatre

Unlike some of the other theatres in the city, Palace Theatre has only ever been one thing, a theatre. It shows built-in 1891; Palace Theatre is a regal and iconic space to enjoy a theatre show, most of the West End productions come here, and it is known for its sound and audience.

In recent times, the Palace Theatre showing famous productions such as The Lion King, The Book of Mormon, and a ballet production of Cleopatra. If you were interested in the manchester build to rent market, you could do a lot worse than building a flat close to this iconic location.

Oldham Coliseum Theatre

One of the oldest and most entertaining theatres in Manchester has to be Oldham Coliseum Theatre. As well as an authentic and attractive interior, Oldham Coliseum Theatre has lent its stage to some of the most renowned performers, such as Charlie Chaplin and Ralph Fiennes.

Oldham Coliseum Theatre is probably best known for its pantomimes and ghosts; that’s right; apparently, this ancient theatre has a few macabre spirits in the hallways and gantries. If you can stand sharing the space with a few specters, you need to check out this classic theatre.  

Final Thoughts

Whether you are visiting the city or moving permanently, there is plenty to do in Manchester. If you love the theatre, there is no shortage of venues; this list has five of the best. On the list, there is a selection of older classics and newer ones to give you plenty of options for any mood.   

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