Review: Selected Recordings Of Us, The Space online

Available as an online stream via The Space, Undone Theatre’s Selected Recordings Of Us is an ambitious attempt to do something different

“This happened, is happening, has happened…this really happened”

You gotta admire ambition. Undone Theatre presents their Selected Recordings Of Us as “a queer love story that cannot find a stable form” and dictates that its audience interact with them on a journey for its two protagonists towards finding resolution for a broken-down relationship.

Neither of them can agree on anything much. The details of shared moments, the accuracy of their memories, the reliability of each other. So using a variety of methods, including direct address, polaroids, live-streaming, movement, and audience portraiture, they try to arrive at a single story.

Written by Gabriele Uboldi and Georgia Louise Luckhurst, it’s a bold and fascinating way to attack a well-trodden subject. Shattering the timeline into non-linear argumentative segments highlights the subjectivity of much of what we claim we remember, something emphasised by the range of pictures of the couple created by the audience.

And performed brightly by Kalifa Taylor and Naomi Denny, who clearly relish getting to play with the fourth wall in this way, there’s something moving in this depiction of queer love, even as it breaks. You could argue it could be clearer in its storytelling but that’s kinda the whole point, reflecting the messiness of love and life.

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