Art for Students: The Latest Theater Performances That Meet Acute World Problems

Despite the ongoing onset of the pandemic, theater performances still find a way to bring on laughter or tears into our lives. Theatre is one form of entertainment we’ve enjoyed since time immemorial, and that will not stop anytime soon.

Besides entertainment, plays look at acute social issues and urgent problems of the society from various viewpoints. Plays seek to offer the audience perspective and prove thought.

The following theater productions explore heavy topics that plague our society. The topics include murder, racism, homophobia, violence, cultural conflicts, incurable diseases, etc.

Without further ado! Let’s dive in!

4 Theater Productions That Highlight Acute Social Issues

Notes from the field

Even during the pandemic, the death of George Floyd was still stirring up unrest in most parts of the US and the world. People were still taking part in the Black Lives Matter movement, and the theaters were not left behind.

One popular work in relation to the Black Lives Matter movement is Notes from the Field by Anna Deavere. It is a one-woman play that intends to help people to make sense of the world right now.

In the play, Anna introduces the audience to over 15 characters.  She interviews them about what it was like to reside in a broken system in the US. The audience gets to meet individuals who’ve undergone racial profiling and police brutality. Also, some of the characters are indigenous people driven to crimes by adversity and a broken system.

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With that said, Notes from the Field is not a show about African American history; it’s a story about American history that looks at issues that face the black community, including segregation, persecution, and even political injustice.

Love in 4/4 Time

Love in 4/4 Time is a 40 minutes play for aging awareness. The show involves two couples that play the famous couples of the 1970s: Carol and Ted and Alice and Bob. The couples are battling the reality of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease as they forge ahead into life’s undefined future with honesty, humor, and questions.

The entertaining show is an inspiration to individuals who live with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease and to the people who take care of them, especially their children. The four characters show different perspectives about life and will fill your heart with hope.


Luz by Catherine Filloux explores difficult, heavy-hitting issues of the rape and abuse of women all over the globe. She continues to tackle other issues such as destruction and exploitation of the environment in third-world countries.

From garbage dumps and toxic oil spills to tent cities, the play follows the story of three survivors of targeted violence who work with a human rights lawyer in search of hope in the in-between places.

Luz tries to find the line between corporate law practice and humanity. The play has constant drama that can bring anyone to tears. The gifted cast sells the tragedies in the best way possible.


Colossal by Andrew Hindreak takes you through a journey of a football star who tries to move forward with his life after suffering a spinal cord injury. The show seeks to address questions about violence, disability, masculinity, and love.

Colossal is a testosterone-driven show that’s very physical and requires the actors to suit up and play. It’s divided into 15 minutes quarters of a football game, featuring a halftime show, drumline, and full choreography.

Andrew looks at football from several angles – how it shapes the idea of what it means to be a man, plus its physical demands.


As long as there are people, social justice issues will exist. Theater performances help us understand these issues and heal through living art.

We hope the few theater performances we’ve mentioned will help you understand the different social issues plaguing the world. Remember art is a lie that makes us realize the truth. 

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