Top 5 Funniest Celebrity Dating Stories

As much as we like to put celebrities on a pedestal, at the end of the day, they are just people like you and me (at least when it comes to love!). Everyone has probably marked for themselves the best dating website that satisfies them to the fullest extent, and everyone probably has some horror stories to go along with it. If you’ve just gotten back from a bad date, don’t despair!

Here are five times it didn’t work out for our favorite celebrities either.

Jon Stewart Got More Than He Asked For!

When Jon Stewart asked Jennifer Aniston out, he was under the impression that it would be a date. When she showed up with all of her friends, he figured that she just wanted to introduce him to her posse. Over a decade later, Aniston remembers it differently. Turns out, she thought the romantic Italian meal was just a group of friends going out! Minor miscommunication?

He Didn’t Know It Was a Date!

In 2015, Nicole Kidman’s friend set her up on a date with Jimmy Fallon. An hour and a half into the date, Fallon had put on a video game, and Kidman was convinced he was gay. Talk about a bad blind date! Fortunately, the pair had a laugh about it years later on the Tonight Show, where Jimmy revealed that he didn’t even know it was a date. Too bad for him!

At Least HE Wasn’t Drunk

Reese Witherspoon wasn’t having a great night when she found herself being hit on by an extremely drunk guy at a bar. Fortunately, Jim Toth came to both her AND the drunk guy’s rescue that night, when he came over, introduced himself, and asked her to excuse his friend (who had just recently gotten out of a relationship). Perhaps an unconventional strategy, but it worked! The two have been married since 2011

Forever and Always? Not So Much.

If Taylor Swift is known for anything, it’s her apparent lack of luck when it comes to the men in her life. A great example of this is the end of her relationship with Joe Jonas, who apparently decided to break up with her over the phone. Have you ever been dumped in 27 seconds, because Taylor Swift has!

Throwing Chunks and Blowing Chances

When Vanessa Bayer was attending the University of Pennsylvania, she decided she go all-out while partying at a formal. Matching her then-crush drink for drink, the night took a turn when the booze finally got to her, and she ended up vomiting all over herself. Covered in puke (unbeknownst to herself), she decided to ask the guy if he wanted to hang out again. He declined, left, and after waking up, she realized why. Needless to say, that didn’t quite work out!

Love is a game, and sometimes, you just don’t win that round. No worries, though – love has a way of working out in the end! As long as you don’t ask anyone out while covered in puke, you will have a great shot at starting a new relationship with every date you go on.

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