TV Review: Waking the Dead Series 7

Series 7 of Waking the Dead continues its golden era, with a walloping personal impact for Boyd 

“I wish you never found that body”

The introduction of George Rainsford as Boyd’s son Luke was a really ballsy move from Waking the Dead.  His disappearance has long been a driver for Boyd’s every action, particularly in cases where missing children were involved, so you knew that Luke’s return would be noteworthy to say the least.

But I don’t think anyone would have predicted where Series 7 would take us. With Luke still deep in the throes of drug addiction and Boyd unwilling or unable to ask for help, there’s a deeply tragic trajectory to their relationship, ultimately proving desperately devastating in the final episodes.

This plays out as a subplot across the whole season and as wtih Series 6, Tara Fitzgerald’s Eve establishes herself as the team’s (and the show’s) MVP, a cracking character able to far outshine the limited material given to her as the forensic expert, hints of her past helping to make the case for a spin-off…

And as we bounce from neo-Nazis and Balkan war crimes to international terrorists and unscrupulous mercenaries, there’s still a remarkable sense of freshness to the storytelling that keeps this a most compelling show. 

Top guest appearances

  1. In a powerful episode ‘Missing Persons’, Justine Mitchell’s Irishwoman on a mission is deeply felt and consequently really quite scary
  2. There’s not too much I can say about Ruth Gemmell’s work in ‘Sins’ that won’t give away the farm but suffice to say, I think it is probably one of my favourite performances across the entire nine series of Waking the Dead
  3. ‘Duty and Honour’ returns us to the familiar setting of an army barracks but Nicholas Farrell’s Col. Malham is a moving standout here
  4. There’s a deep sadness at the heart of ‘Wounds’ with great work across the supporting cast, particularly Lorcan Cranitch as Victor
  5. And in harrowing series finale ‘Pietà’, Anna Madeley’s Anna Vaspovic is a study in conflicted grief 

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