(P)review: Doctor Faustus, Duke of York’s Theatre

“Hell is within”

 (As are production spoilers) 

As Jamie Lloyd’s Doctor Faustus is currently previewing but doesn’t open officially until 25th April, I’d get in trouble with the Devil herself (and possibly Mary Berry) for publishing a full review. So here’s a little amuse-bouche for you

Jenna Russell, Jenna Russell, Jenna Russell! Inspired casting as Mephistopheles 
Old – Marlowe’s play dates from 400 (or so) years ago but it is brought bang up to date here
New – whole sections have been replaced and new ones written (and given the brilliantly up to the minute references, still being tinkered with) by Colin Teevan 
Six pack is in evidence, he even counts it for us 
No, we won’t ever mention this interview, everyone knows what side their bread is buttered on and it’s all good 😉
Oh my, as in bed tricks and boxers and ballgags, oh my
Women gaining extra parts appears to be 2016’s most unexpected theatrical meme (qv Cleansed)
It’s a kind of magic, there’s some nifty stage trickery as this Faustus goes all Copperfield
Soutra Gilmour’s gift for ever-inventive set design remains in magnificently full force
Dat ass tho
Early birds catch the worm, it pays to be in your seat early at the beginning of both acts…
Anouka, Jade – a real talent getting a deserved chance to shine here 
Dancing – I do like a dancing ensemble and these guys have got the moves!

So there you have it. Fans of Mr Harington aka #FitKit will certainly get their money’s worth, fans of Jenna Russell will explode in gay delight just after the interval (I have never been happier!) and fans of Jamie Lloyd will be thrilled that his successful takeover of that part of London is continuing in such fine form. I have no idea what fans of Marlowe will think of it though…  

Running time: currently 2 hours 20 minutes (with interval)
Booking until 25th June


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