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The guys at Hotel Direct now have a new theatre hub called Theatre Breaks and they’ve launched an competition for theatre writers and bloggers to become a #StarForADay by creating a themed day out in London based on a character from a West End show.

After some serious thought, I’ve opted to be Erik, the Phantom himself from Phantom of the Opera

– Since being out and about in broad daylight isn’t really an option for your average Phantom-about-town, I would spend the daytime visiting The London Dungeons as it’s always good to get subterranean and be among familiar faces like my old mate Jack the Ripper.

– You can get hungry mooching about underground though so when it gets to tea-time, I’d head over to a classic French restaurant like Boulestin in St James, where they make old-school food just like Maman used to.

– Then it would be time to go to Her Majesty’s Theatre on Haymarket to see Andrew Lloyd Webber’s version of certain personal events in Phantom of the Opera. He’s got many of the details wrong but that’s probably for the best…

– And then to wrap up the evening, where else but below ground again! Post-show cocktails will be in order at Cahoots underground bar which is decked out like a London Underground tube station which reminds me of the Métro back in my beloved Paris.

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