Short Film Review #46

Expectation Management, Episode 2 from tupaq felber on Vimeo.

A second instalment for Tupaq Felber’s Expectation Management, seeing Jon Foster’s Owen remaining unlucky in love and dating, not least because of the efforts of his friends. It’s not quite as funny as the first but still rather good fun.

HUMAN BEINGS from Jonathan Entwistle on Vimeo.
Teenage hi-jinks in the country are the focus here as Jonathan Entwistle’s Human Beings looks at the comedown after a huge animal onesie party as Benny tries to piece together exactly what happened the night before and where his friend might be.

Short and sweet – Lara Greenway’s Runner is rather good fun.

A Small Good Thing
Written by Suzanne Heathcote and directed by Jack Laurance, A Small Good Thing was off to a winning start just by virtue of having Tom Goodman-Hill and Jo Herbert in the cast, but manages to transcend that with a delicate but lovely story that is unafraid to just throw things out there without explaining them to death. Herbert is the perfect choice for Amy in this respect, she utterly owns the latter part of the film and is heart-breakingly good and Goodman-Hill’s Adam, although he has less to do, is bashfully sweet, making this definitely worth a watch. 

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