Review: Off Cut Festival Group 2, Riverside Studios

“Commitment. What a conundrum.”

I’ve written more about the Off Cut Festival in the review of Group 1 and in this post, so in this post, I’ll just cover the shows that were included in the second group of plays. As a collection, it felt that they were slightly more adventurous both in the writing and the direction, unafraid to push the artistic envelope a bit more but with mixed success.

My top three were Two Rings by Louise Taylor, a favourite from the Bloggers evening and one which moved me once again with its mismatched couple of a stroppy young volunteer and an Alzheimer’s-ridden care home resident who find they have so much more in common than they ever dreamed; Wet Dog by Ösp Viggósdóttir was a delightfully surreal adventure with an all-too plausible manipulation of a hapless visitor; and the bizarre MEAT, which was most squirm-inducing yet still managed to intrigue as well. Rebecca Fielding’s Bound was very well received so I wouldn’t be surprised if that made it through but I found it a little dull to be honest.

Performers of note in this grouping were Dave Maybrick’s creepy Butcher, Ellie Dickens’ Ena flicking in and out of heart-breaking lucidity and all of the Wet Dog cast, Joanna Greaves, Karl Niklas and Victoria Waddington.

Group 2 plays
All Men Are by Rosalind Adler, directed by Laura Vorwerg
Bound by Rebecca A Fielding, directed by Francesca Camozzi
MEAT by Neil Bebber, directed by Amy Simpson
Skyclad by Alex Everard, directed by Tanith Lindon
Percolate by Tom Stenton, directed by Lavinia Hollands
Two Rings by Louise Taylor, directed by Michael Wilding
Wet Dog by Ösp Viggósdóttir, directed by Martin Hackett


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