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Review: The Armour, Langham Hotel

“The most powerful people in the world have sex in hotels. In fact, having sex in the…

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Review: Pitcairn, Shakespeare’s Globe

“It is as if we find ourselves at the beginning of time…” It may be Shakespeare’s Globe…

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Saturday afternoon music treats

Charlotte Wakefield – Quiet (from Matilda)

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Album Review: Nadim Naaman – We All Want The Same

“Scenes from a movie played out face to face” Nadim Naaman is one of those actors who…

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Re-review: From Here To Eternity, Shaftesbury Theatre

“I got the ‘ain’t where I wanna be’ blues” Suffering the fate of a fair few musicals…

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Review: From Here To Eternity, Shaftesbury Theatre

“Don’cha like Hawaii?” From Here to Eternity marks the return of noted lyricist Tim Rice to the…

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Review: The Soft of her Palm, Finborough Theatre

“I forgive you, because I love you so much” Not many plays are set in Northampton and…

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Review: Earthquakes in London, Richmond Theatre

“These aren’t the results we were expecting” Of all the new plays that I saw last year,…