Review: Fog, Finborough

“You don’t understand. Once they push you out, you’re in freefall, you’re on your f**king own”

One of the first new plays of 2012 is this jointly written play Fog at the Finborough Theatre in West London. Toby Wharton is an actor – he stars here – and this is his first attempt at writing, but Tash Fairbanks is a comparative old hand, having started up a lesbian feminist theatre company before Wharton was even born. But they have collaborated on this hard-hitting tale of the impact of a deficient care system on a brother and sister.

Fog and Lou were put into care by their father Cannon after the death of their mother as he retreated back to his career in the military, but when he returns 10 years later to try and make amends, he soon sees that the damage his actions caused has no easy solution at all. Getting a new flat means that Fog is able to leave his detested care home and can begin to try and reconnect with his father. But Lou has gone missing and this shattered family is contrasted with Fog’s only real friend Michael and his sister Bernice, black and much more aspirational. Continue reading “Review: Fog, Finborough”