Review: Great Again, VAULT Festival

“What kind of person isn’t interested in politics”

A black man, a woman and a young gay lad walk into an Ohio bar – it may sound like the set-up for a joke but as they start to talk about how much they like Trump, we realise it is a nifty little conceit at the heart of new musical Great Again. Sidestepping the predictable, writer Isla van Tricht uses this trio to spearhead her investigation into the ideology behind young conservatives and the ways in which they coalesced behind the unlikeliest of presidential candidates in 2016. 

In their Midwestern home of Beavercreek, Ohio, Josh and Kelsey are both first time voters but given that their feelings lie to the right of centre, at odds with the liberal views of the friends and family around them, they have to look elsewhere to find kindred political souls. Tagging onto the campaign trail for Trump when it rocks up in their state, they connect with a side of America chomping at the bit to have their voices heard but as their political understanding develops, personal connections become strained. Continue reading “Review: Great Again, VAULT Festival”

2018 Vault Festival – what to see

On the one hand, that the Vault Festival has expanded to over 300 shows running over 8 weeks is fantastic news for the emerging theatremakers that it supports. On the other, it means making the choice about what to see, even tackling the catalogue alone can feel somewhat daunting. It has taken me a wee while to get round to delving into it myself, but as the festival is set to open this week, here’s some of my top tips for each week. Continue reading “2018 Vault Festival – what to see”

Finalists of 2016 Stephen Sondheim Society Student Performer of the Year

Kirsty Ingram (ArtsEd)
Abigail Fitzgerald (Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts)
Dafydd Gape (Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama)
Tabitha Tingey (Royal Conservatoire of Scotland)
Adam Small (Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts)
Ashley Reyes (LAMDA)
Callum McGuire (Oxford School of Drama)
Lauren Drew (Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts)
Eleanor Jackson (Bristol Old Vic Theatre School)
Emily Day (Performance Preparation Academy)
Edward Laurenson
Courtney Bowman (Guildford School Of Acting)

Host: Julian Ovenden
Judges: Edward Seckerson (Chair), Jason Carr, Sophie-Louise Dann, Anne Reid and Thea Sharrock